Friday, December 28, 2007

Oh well then...

Persons unknown have managed to break into two government offices over the Christmas holiday and gain access to our contact information and even our Social Security numbers. Both the Davidson County Election Commission and the Department of Safety (just a short car ride along Murfreesboro Road as AC Kleinheider illustrates) were hit.

The Election Commission does not anticipate that the theft will cause any problems in upcoming Presidential Primary voting which begins on January 16. Press Release dated 2007-12-28
Oh, well that was the first concern I had upon hearing this bad news.

Actually, my first question after reading this Tennessean account:
Security workers were on duty over the holiday, but the theft went undetected until the day after Christmas, when Barrett unlocked the office at 7:30 a.m. and found a broken window and missing office equipment —
was what were we paying security for if they never noticed a broken window????? Good grief, my local convenience market has more security over the beer case, apparently.

Dave Ramsey's ID Protection Insurance is $72.00 a pop. Who do I send the invoice to to cover the three voters and drivers in our household?

While we wait for the dust to settle you may want to keep an eye your credit report via the Federal Trade Commission's The law requires all three credit reporting agencies to provide one free report each year.

UPDATE: Bill Hobbs has some good suggestions. Vote in some Democrats that will require real ID's before voting and get the election commission to issue voter cards with pictures and keep those laptops with our essential information in a location that is actually secure.


ned said...

This statement from the report at Volunteer Voters, if accurate, is some consolation:

No information is believed to have been compromised as the computers stolen were those of employees who had not yet taken possession of them.

din819go said...

That is only for the dept of safety computers. the election commission computers have the FULL social security numbers, addresses, names, etc!