Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Money priorities

Proving once again that the Governor can find money when he wants to:

Regarding the $12.8 million in taxpayer funds to be spent for Bredesen's party bunker at the 'executive residence' he's never lived in and likely never will:

Asked why public funding for the project had risen more quickly than private contributions, [Bredesen's spokesman Bob] Corney said, "It's for a variety of factors, not the least of which is funds available for the project." Tennessean 2007-12-11
What funds available? Just last week regarding current tax collections:
Gov. Phil Bredesen said he's certain the state won't have collected as much tax revenue as expected by the time the budget year ends in June.

The Democratic governor said he has no illusions of a complete rebound.

"We will end up short this year," he said.

Bredesen said he hasn't decided where he will make cuts in the current year's spending plan, but that he hopes to have an idea by the time he outlines next year's budget plan in late January. KnoxNews 2007-12-09

Here's an idea. Cut the party bunker. Now. Get it off the table and let's move on to more important state business---like public safety and education.

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