Thursday, June 10, 2010

What planet is he on?

“If somebody wants to maintain a street that’s filled with pawn shops, brightly lit fluorescent signs on 20-foot polls, negligible landscaping and little if any design review, then we just live on two different planets,” Jameson  CM Mike Jameson (Dist. 6-East Nashville)   said." Nashville City Paper
The Gallatin Road Improvement Plan (GRIP) went much further than Jameson states in the quote above. Maybe he said more and the reporter failed to include it. Regardless, when a perfectly sound building (Sunny Gables in Inglewood pictured at left) cannot be re-purposed because improvements exceed an arbitrary dollar amount something is wrong.

No one who has followed CM Jamie Hollin (Dist. 5-East Nashville)  should be surprised by his move. And this is a LONG way from supporting pawn shops and fluorescent signs and certainly light year's away from that area's former Council Rep. Pam Murray's support for spot rezoning a fire trap for a financial donor to her campaign.

Face it folks. Each of these councilmen are advocating for their constituents. The fact is that the two sides of Gallatin Road are still 'different planets'.