Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fairgrounds failure

Again, Metro 3 is failing to provide citizens with a view of what their government is doing. According to tweeted reports there are some 1,000 citizens downtown this evening to communicate with the representatives about the Metro fairgrounds and racetrack. Let's hope there's a very good explanation for this failure.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Problem passer-on-er

Only in the alternative universe that is the Tennessean's can they, with a straight face and faux professionalism, tout their man Gov. Phil Bredesen's ability to problem solve and then headline the fact that the problem isn't actually solved after eight years.  What happened to results being the litmus test? He, having made in fortune in health care, was sold as being THE man who would solve this problem for us. Yet, eight years later it remains.

It remains because Goo Goo's will not acknowledge that government is not the best entity to do charity work or oversee the medical care of citizens generally. "Keep your hands off my body" only applies to abortion not to insurance portability or end of life decisions.