Sunday, July 25, 2010

CeCe Heil on Fox & Friends this AM

CeCe Heil is running for the 5th Congressional seat here in Tennessee. This morning she was among three "Mama Grizzlies" featured on Fox & Friends this morning. These women were so concerned about bad politicians disassembling their children's futures they decided to run for political office. They "raised their heads up from [their] family calendar and wondered what happened to the country".

In this quick three minute video we hardly get a decent introduction and I'd like to hear much more from each of them. It's encouraging to know they're out there, also fighting to take the country back. Good on them all.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do it for the children

There was a  heart-wrenching post on the East Nashville list the other day. A woman who had seen first hand a family's interaction with our juvenile justice system shared briefly a family's experience in fighting the system to get help for their child.  I posted the following to the list but because the list is a deliberately politically left-leaning one, my post was not approved. I've no doubt that most of those folks will vote for the liberal courthouse contender because he's got a D after his name and they hate Eric Crafton to such a degree that they're willing to sacrifice more children to their political ideology--their own Sophie's choice. Regardless, I'm hoping there are people with ears to hear and so I post my comments here.

Just a reminder....there is currently an election to install a new Juvenile Court Clerk. Those of you appalled at the way the system is run might want to seriously consider who will be in charge. While some folks think it's just a paperwork job, and that's important, the office could serve the children much better.

Operation Helping Hands
   The Juvenile Court Clerk's office doesn't have to be just about administration, although a professionally run, service oriented office is the Clerk's primary function and will be my top priority. However, I think the Clerk's office could do so much more, like helping the most vulnerable segment of our society - our at risk children.

   You may be surprised to know that there are over 13,000 active cases in our Juvenile Court System. This is the equivalent of 1 out of every 6 of our public school students! When I talked with Juvenile Court Judge Betty Green recently, she explained that 90% of these children have one or more of the following: emotional, psychological, educational, or physical needs. If nothing changes, these children won't be graduating from high school, but into our adult prison system.

   With my volunteer-based program called Operation Helping Hands, we will evaluate and provide these children with the support they need. This will enable us to determine whether or not these children are performing at the proper level academically, whether they are having vision or hearing problems, if they are having trouble at home, or if they just simply need someone to talk to. Once their specific challenges are identified, these children will receive the services or training they need to get back on track.

   Help me help them by voting for me on August 5th, early voting begins July 16th.  Together we can set a new standard of integrity and leadership in public service. Together we truly can make a difference. 


Eric Crafton
Eric Crafton and his Save Our Students was spot on pointing out that MNPS wasn't doing as well as [former Superintendent Pedro] Garcia et al said they were. Several years later MNPS was/is under State oversight. I believe Eric's right again about what can be done to help these children.

I'll add that if you looked at this election with the cold eye of an HR manager...Eric's resume is far and away the better one. Vandy educated, managerial experience and a proven record of advocating for children.

Early voting is now open. Monday satellite voting locations are open. for voting information. Please, get out and vote for Eric. He is the better man for the job.

Monday, July 12, 2010

She was robbed...and so were we

And this video clearly demonstrates why we need honest patriots to work our polls. Here is a granddaughter of a MA governor charging her own Democrat party with failing to investigate clear violations of voter intimidation. Clinton supporters were barred from voting. When we have our own Attorney General Eric Holder et al complicit in allowing voter intimidation despite clear video showing intimidation every bit as evil as any in our past we have a serious problem.  Here's the link to "We will not be silenced 2008" where you can find the whole documentary.

The integrity of the vote is essential. Please contact the Davidson County Election Commission to get trained as a poll worker--it actually pays about $90 a day. OR contact your favorite candidate and ask to be a poll watcher for them. Surely we can agree that we all want to make sure that whoever wins wins fairly.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Changes: New Orleans good; NEA wants a do-over

This from CitizenLink a part of the Focus on the Family group. Nice contrast of what the NEA thought they were buying and what they actually got. They're not happy campers.

And when you're done viewing that video check out the video via Taxing Tennessee about the change that Hurricane Katrina brought to New Orleans schools from Great silver lining.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

TX Textbooks: Tn State BOE member speaks in Madison Saturday

Saturday morning at the Davidson County Republican Party’s regular Madison Bacon & Eggs Summit will feature a woman that may be of interest to many of you. Along with District 5 Congressional Candidate Bob Schwartz, Cynthia Dunbar of the Texas BOE will be speaking. 

Ms Dunbar ( ) is a constitutional scholar and is the author of “One Nation Under God (How the Left is Trying to Erase What Made Us Great)”. As an elected member of the Texas State Board of Education (TSBOE) she helped lead the fight to insure that history books used in the Texas school system accurately present the Judeo-Christian heritage of America and present a proper understanding of the founding principles of our county. Since Texas is one of the largest purchasers of school text books, the textbooks written to satisfy Texas are often used in the rest of the nation.
There was a LOT of consternation over this vote by the Texas BOE with all sorts of accusations and fears about it coming (or not coming) to a school near you. Here’s a rare opportunity to hear first hand testimony of what actually took place. I encourage those of you in the area to consider attending.

This Saturday morning, Madison Piccadilly 8:30, for a great breakfast at a bargain rate, and at 9:00 the meeting begins. This is on Gallatin Road between Old Hickory and Due West. Actually in the Madison Square Shopping Center.