Monday, December 31, 2007

Vote early and often

no, not in the presidential primary--regarding MNPS Director of Schools Dr. Pedro Garcia . I'll leave the poll at right up for several weeks while the BOE reviews and discusses his performance. More importantly be sure and let them know how you want them to vote. Use this link to email them all.

And surely we all know the poll won't be a perfect barometer of the community's feelings. But I've provided a pretty good range of responses, I don't think we'll be far off.


Buckley said...

Doesn't seem to be letting me vote. It's been over six years that we've had Dr. Garcia and things do not seem to be getting any better. The board asked him to improve employee relations and, as far as I can tell, he has done nothing in this regard and it sorely needs to be addressed. He has pulled PR gimmicks out of his hat but I see little that relates to instructional innovation and improvement. Teachers used to network much more than they do today. Professional development has declined in quality. We are bleeding good teachers to Williamson and other outlying counties. Nothing has been done by Dr. Garcia to attract middle class families back into public schools (IB programs were on the rise before he arrived). The standard perception is that last summer's administrative reorganization has left most of them clueless as to what their responsibilities are. Things like Personalized Learning Plans and rezoning strategies have been scrapped or seriously altered.

When he first arrived, I was excited about reforms and innovations; we got a few early on (Thanks more to Dr. Johnson), but it seems there's nothing useful left in the hat; time for someone new and different. I don't care if it's someone local or not so long as their commitment is to strengthen the community by strengthening our schools. Or vice versa. That's the thing about Garcia, unfortunately, his mandate was to improve test scores rather than improve a city, the latter being much more inclusive, meaningful and lasting.

Buckley said...

OK, maybe it's just taking a bit for the vote to show up.