Sunday, December 09, 2007

Homeschooled Heisman winner

Homeschoolers across the nation are celebrating with University of Florida fans over the awarding of this year's Heisman Trophy. Florida law mandates that homeschoolers must be allowed to participate in extracurricular sports. Obviously, Tim Tebow made good use of that opportunity.

Of his unique educational background, Tebow states, "I come from a large family (last of 5 children), and all my brothers and sisters were home schooled. My parents were tremendous role models throughout the process, and there were never discipline issues for us. By the time I came to the University of Florida, I felt I had great study habits and felt comfortable making the transition to classes. I think that being home schooled offered me an opportunity to also learn some life lessons, and those experiences help me while I'm on the field." USA Daily
Homeschooler participation in extracurricular activities is allowed by Tennessee law but it's the TSSAA that keeps it from actually occurring. They finally slightly loosened their policy to allow individual sport participation but that's as far as it's gone. While everyone agrees that these activities are beneficial to young people and their parents have paid taxes into a system they otherwise don't utilize the power and control held by the TSSAA remains. It won't hold for long. At last count 25 states require these organizations to 'play well with others'. Nearby Alabama is working hard to be #26--they've even nicknamed their bill the Tim Tebow Bill.

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O'Brien Pundit said...

It's great that Tebow won the Heisman, but I think that it's even greater that he won the Davey O'Brien Award. The Heisman represents only on the field accomplishments, while the O'Brien takes into account how a player performs on AND OFF the field. Now, THAT'S something I can respect.