Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The filter fails again

The filter that is supposed to keep homeschoolers from participating in the public education system they pay for with tax dollars and expend their votes on has failed yet again.

Mother Who Home-Schools Kids Elected Chair Of Public School Board In S.C.
From Live 5 News

A woman who homeschools her four daughters has been elected head of the board that oversees public schools in South Carolina.

Kristin Maguire of Clemson was voted chairwoman-elect for the State Board of Education on Wednesday. She is scheduled to become chairwoman in 2009. (snip)

More details from yesterday's Independent Mail:

State Sen. Kevin Bryant, R-Anderson, said her home-schooling should not be an issue in whom is chosen as chairman.

“She is really on top of all the education issues,” he said. “She really knows what is going on, she is very committed to the public education system, and there’s nothing in the statute that says anything about how you raise your own children or whether you educate your own children.” (snip)

“She is probably the best prepared person I’ve ever seen come to (school board) meetings or any meeting for that matter,” Mr. Adkins said. “She knows her stuff and puts a lot of effort into what she does.”

Homeschoolers can and do care about the children around them. They can be quite knowledgeable about education issues. They can be competent at helping direct the system. I believe they provide an important point of view that school boards across the nation should be listening to. Congratulations to Ms. Maguire. I'm sure the children of SC will continue to benefit from her participation in the PUBLIC education system.

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din819go said...

Kay -- this could be very interesting!!! It will be fun watching South Carolina. If my memory is correct, SC already has some of the stronger academic standards in the country -- (someone please check me on this!!).

What do you think of the task force (and the members) to study the drop out situation in MNPS?