Monday, December 31, 2007

Starting the new year right

Karen Johnson's not the first MNPS BOE member to blog (I was) but her presence is very welcome. Hopefully, this will be a great communication tool for not just her constituents but for MNPS parents, taxpayers and voters as well. If it's nothing but a place to post MNPS press releases it won't be. Comments are enabled. She's started a conversation folks, let's keep it going.

Visit and add the Karen Y. Johnson District 6 blog to your feed reader.

She's got two polls on her site (on the left, scroll down) asking if Antioch needs a new elementary school or a new middle school. Nice safe questions. It's more likely people want to vote yes or no on MNPS Director of Schools Dr. Pedro Garcia staying instead but this is a start.

Who's next to jump in to the blogosphere? David Fox or Mark North ?

Hat tip: AC Kleinheider


Karen Y Johnson said...

Thank You Kay. I surely have a lot to learn on the functions and how to do's, so I might drop you a note as I did Emily Evans to ask you a question or two. You definitely set a great standard and I am just sincerely going to give it a try. Thanks for all you do.

Karen Y. Johnson

Kay Brooks said...

I'll be glad to help anytime. Just don't do like Gov. Bredesen and start a blog and then quit when the heat gets turned up.

People don't really understand how the BOE works. Your blog can go a long way toward educating them about what can be, is being, done and how they can impact the system. They don't need anymore press releases from Woody (a nice guy whose job I would never want). They want much more than that. I hope you can provide it.