Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The View of Ron Paul

I don't have time or the desire to watch the women on The View but I had to watch their interview with Ron Paul via a link from to The Raw Story.

I had to laugh as the women made a big deal of him being an OB/GYN and then they're telling HIM what is and isn't legal regarding abortion. They really do think they know it all.

I disagree with Ron Paul that our country's recent concerns about illegal immigration are economically driven. It's nearly all about security in our terror driven world for me. That and the fact that these people are here illegally. Last Saturday at the Mayor's neighborhood meeting one woman got up concerned about how her neighbors aren't welcoming enough to immigrants. I don't recall which neighborhood she's in. I expect that if the legal immigrants would speak out a bit more about the line jumpers we would make great progress in making it clear that Nashville welcomes people from all people groups, when they are law abiding. It would also help if the new folks would make a sincere effort to become Nashvillians.

I don't lean libertarian enough to put Ron Paul at the top of my candidate list. But he gets credit for his appearance and managing to follow their nutty conversational thread well enough to get his views across.

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