Tuesday, May 24, 2005

There is no 'right' to a summer vacation.

This issue comes up on a regular basis since our society became less agricultural and local economies began to rely on this long summer break for cheap student labor and additional summer caretaking. Our society is so geared toward the public school calendar that any amount of tweaking always causes friction between competing interests.

Here are links to an article in the Nashville City Paper telling us the Nashville school board will hear a local professor on the pros and cons of a balanced calendar which " includes the same number of instructional days — 180 — but disperses them more evenly throughout the school year."

On the mountain side of the state an editorial in the Mountain Press from Sevierville encourages the legislation (HB0625, HB0623) proposed by Rep. Joe McCord (R-Maryville) to create the same school calendar across the state. "McCord has in mind a school term that doesn't start before Aug. 21."

You'll hear the usual outcry from parents whose working routine will be impacted, day cares, summer camps, the tourist industry and other folks providing summer care, activities and diversions. Let's also not forget that summer is also the prime time for overhauling some of those facilities that are heavily used and aging.

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