Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Money for Memphis schools. Where?

The Memphis Commerical Appeal is reporting that their school board has pledged to fully fund their school budget and like Nashville it now comes down to where will the money come from?

"It's not clear where that extra $17 million will come from -- $11.5 million for city schools, $5.5 million for county schools -- though.

One possible source would be another 12 cents on the county's property tax rate, which is already higher than it should be and could be bumped by another 14 cents to cover a $20 million debt service payment."
The Commercial Appeal also opined: "The pledge was admirable and courageous. With an extraordinary effort, it might be kept."

And the Metropolitan Nashville PS's effort will also need an extraordinary effort.

I expect the Stand for Children and the Memphis Education Association folks will soon be placing yard signs in Memphis as well.

From my point of view, observing the Memphis contingent on the various education committees in the Tennessee Legislature, I always thought it odd that while the DOE was reporting the Memphis area schools as being some of the worst in the state that their legislative contingent was weilding so much power across the state via their seat on those education committees. Seems to me they should have been helping to correct the problems at home before attempting to "help" other districts across the state.

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