Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Coming to a middle school near you.

A new video is being produced aimed at keeping children from starting on a very dangerous drug path. "Meth is Death" is a product of the Tennessee District Attorney's Conference according to this Knoxville New-Sentinel report.

It was deemed "too graphic" to be shown to elementary school pupils, [Knox County Schools Superintendent Charles] Lindsey said.

"You can call it a scare tactic, but it needs to be scary," Lindsey said. "We are willing to try just about anything to encourage kids to stay away from meth ? it is an extremely dangerous drug."

Parents may want to decide for themselves if this is too graphic for their own children. It's a serious subject and maybe knowing the movie is on the way to your child's classroom will encourage some frank conversations between parents and their children.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has the medical facts, the White House Office on Drug Control Policy is also helpful with a lot of additional links, and the Tennessee Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services has a less technical fact sheet for us mere mortals.

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