Wednesday, May 25, 2005

And so the battle begins.

The Tennessean's article titled "Schools feel insulted" is one thing but the photo of Dr. Pedro Garcia, the Director of Schools is surely insulting. Very tabloid. Wonder how long they had to wait to get that precise look?

But back to the important things. The first half of the article is whining about how there won't be enough money for pay and benefits. The children are mentioned in the article, by Mayor Purcell, in the article's paragraph 16.

"School board Chairwoman Pam Garrett was indignant that Purcell singled out schools among city services for criticism."
Well, Ms. Garrett, maybe schools were singled out because schools make up so much of the budget. Maybe because some of those school proponents were running around saying "education is the most important thing we do as a community". The problem with pushing yourself to the front of the line is, you're going to be the first to get the sharp words.

And so those public school proponents, wrapping themselves in 'it's for the children" are already gearing up for the fight over the contents of the taxpayer's wallet.
"He further placed responsibility on school officials to help rally support for a sales tax increase saying it will give them "the opportunity to prove to us all they can and will deliver for our children."' Nashville City Paper
So instead of laying out the facts to the taxpayers, voters and parents of how well the system has utilized the resources we've given them and what their plan of action is for the future, the local Stand for Children organization has already e-mailed folks urging them to "come and write pre-addressed postcards to Metro Council members and make a few phone calls to our database of community members interested in taking action. You can also pick up your yard sign and bumper sticker while you are here." They're even offering free pizza and childcare (up to age 10). But if you can't make those meetings you can pick up yard signs and bumper stickers at the Metro Nashville Education Association (teacher's union) headquarters.

I expect they'll be a few outraged letters to the editor about how some of these yard signs are disappearing and being defaced. Welcome to politics in Nashville.

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Anonymous said...

So, a 3% raise = $12 million huh? That means that $400M of the $541M budget is salaries. As usual, 70+ percent of the school system's budget is paychecks - but the children are crying for more money - for our paychecks.

Eric Holcombe