Monday, May 16, 2005

...or gallon of Purity milk.

Today's Tennessean carries quotes that are just so disconnected from our reality that I cannot let it pass without venting a bit. The article, which seems very pro-property tax increase makes the case that the increase is quite small:

"By the week, the increase is $4.33 — about the cost of a fancy cup of coffee at Starbucks."
...or a gallon of Purity milk. But we don't by Purity, we get Kroger brand 'cause it's cheaper at $3.19 a gallon according the freeware I use to track our grocery expenses. AND we go through 5 of those gallons every week. Shall I set up a rotating schedule of who doesn't get milk each week?

The article continues:
"That perspective on a tax increase is exactly what Metro needs as it decides whether to pay more money for schools, said Jim Pfeiffer, a parent whose children attend schools in Bellevue."
Mr. Pfeiffer's views on the budget are certainly welcome. But let's not put a lot of weight in this one "Bellevue view" of what families across the city can or cannot afford. However, Mr. Pfeiffer may have come upon the very problem with this discussion. Some seem to be insisting that we need a Starbucks budget when in reality we can only afford the store brand. So far my children are doing fine on the store brand milk. Maybe a budget that would force schools to concentrate on just the basics could be as effective for our school children.

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