Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Parents urged to investigate local schools.

I always encourage parent investigation and participation in their local education system. A resolution is being offered for examination and vote in the next Southern Baptist convention and some folks will get their undies in a bundle. Hopefully, what really comes of this is a serious, non-emotional discussion of just what ought to be taught in our public schools. There is a lot in the curriculum that does displease parents and taxpayers.

From Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.,: "I am convinced that if government schools had to recruit students by sending out brochures outlining the academic, moral and spiritual aspects of their curriculum, most Baptists would throw it in the trash without a second thought. However, when these schools can hide behind stealth phrases like tolerance, safe schools, multiculturalism and safer sex, parents are often unaware of the dangers lurking beneath the surface. Moreover, parents who speak up are often branded as narrow-minded bigots with outdated values.
It's always seemed odd to me that this system spends so much of it's time and energy on touting multiculturalism and diversity but the heritage of some is more considered and valued than the heritage of others and that's a huge problem.

Charter schools is one answer. No they're not yet perfect, but neither is the current system. Nothing ever will be. That's why parents, who by and large, really do have their children's best interests at heart, ought to be placed in the driver's seat and provided options. It's one thing for a system to teach math and reading, it's another when they 'socialize' children to leave the heritage and faith of their families.

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