Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gov. Pre-K poll: last known numbers

An e-mail from a Tennessean reporter got me thinking about that AWOL poll from Governor Bredesen's blog. I checked with some of my 'associates' across the country and it looks like from among them, the last time the poll was seen was just before 2:00 a.m. Sunday 5/15/05. According to a source I trust, you don't have to, the results at that time were:

43% for government pre-K (957 votes)
54% against government pre-K (1180 votes)
3% undecided (48 votes)
And according to my 'sources' the poll was gone by about breakfast time that same Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...

Too bad we can't post any comments on the gov's blog. We could've asked for the "final" numbers.

Eric Holcombe

Kay Brooks said...

Well the govs. got bigger things to deal with now "Tennessee Waltzing" so I don't expect to see him blog much more let alone have time to clean up a silly poll problem.

Thanks for stopping by, Eric. :-)