Friday, May 27, 2005

$40K and a living wage.

This from Education Intellegence Agency via Daryl Cobranchi's blog.

"The National Education Association Representative Assembly will open July 3 in Los Angeles and the union will use the occasion to launch its latest initiative: a campaign to establish a minimum teacher salary of $40,000 nationwide and a "living wage" for education support employees.

Can we agree that what it takes to support body and soul in Tennessee isn't the same as what it takes in New York? Can we agree that there are some unquantifiable benefits to living in Tennessee that some of us value above cash? Can we agree that the taxpayers wallet isn't bottomless? Can we agree that no national organization ought to make policy decisions for our neighborhood? Can we agree that great teachers ought to be given great salaries and others should either be willing to retrain so they can become great teachers or encouraged to find another line of work?

If you have children in the public schools or are a taxpayer wondering where you're money is going, you really should subscribe to Mike Antonucci's weekly reports. It's a quick read about what's going on across the nation with special focus on the unions. Do it soon so you don't miss his insightful and pithy comments about the NEA convention over the July 4th holiday.

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