Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Testing scored by computers.

After reading about how the SAT essays are scored (below) are computer graders the answer?

Software now scores everything from routine assignments in high school English classes to an essay on the GMAT, the standardized test for business school admission. (The essay section just added to the Scholastic Aptitude Test for the college-bound is graded by humans). NewsMax.com


Prompted to write on workplace injuries, [UC-Davis lecturer Andy] Jones instead input a letter of recommendation, substituting "risk of personal injury" for the student's name.

"My thinking was, 'This is ridiculous, I'm sure it will get a zero,"' he said.

He got a five out of six.

A second time around, Jones scattered "chimpanzee" throughout the essay, guessing unusual words would yield him a higher score.

He got a six.

Maybe not.

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