Friday, May 13, 2005

Maybe it's the test that's inadequate.

Chattanooga City Judge, Russell Bean thinks the schools should take on the additional job of providing driver's education for teens in this Chattanooga Free-Press article.

"If this could not be implemented in our school system through a wellness program then maybe it could be at the drivers’ license testing centers prior to the granting of a learner’s permit, intermediate license, or driver’s license.
Sure it could be 'implemented in our school system' but don't schools already have enough to do? And where will the additional money come from sir? I'm thinking that maybe the driver's license examiners, who are already getting paid to make the judgment about the fitness of the applicant, ought to do their job and deny anyone who isn't capable.

Frankly, you couldn't pay me enough to get into a car with a complete stranger and be at their mercy. It's tough enough for me to sit in that front passenger seat with my son who is, in reality, doing a fine job of driving. Recently he participated in a program called "Driver's Edge" and both he and his father learned a few things that Mother's Day morning. I was happy to have this resource available and knowing he'll have a better understanding of what to do was a present to myself. This Tennessean article highlights the program's visit in Nashville. Maybe local car dealerships or insurance companies could meet this need, garner goodwill and offer a discounts to successful participants.

As a local councilman frequently says: "Government isn't the answer to everything."

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