Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Memphis/Shelby school consolidation--not this year.

I'm a bit handicapped here, not living in Memphis and, frankly, just not understanding Memphis politics generally, but I see this 'consolidation' issue is a hot topic out there.

My first notice came when doing a bit of research about Nashville's budget issues and came across this little gem from Memphis School district's publication, The Staffer dated Winter 2005. It seems almost gleeful in pointing out the Nashville system as the best evidence of why it shouldn't be done in Memphis. They also mention Knoxville, Jackson & Chattanooga. Specifically check pages 10-14 of this .pdf document.

The Commercial-Appeal in Memphis has what appears to be a good overview of the dustup.

"A week after the bill passed the state Senate 31-0, its sponsor, Rep. Tre Hargett, R-Bartlett, asked the House K-12 Education subcommittee on Tuesday to defer the bill to the 2006 legislative session. The panel agreed. It likely would have defeated the bill otherwise because the Memphis city school board decided Monday night to aggressively oppose the measure."
For further info on HB1982/SB2062 see their legislative info page.

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