Thursday, October 26, 2006

Welcome Firefox 2.0!

I like the updated Firefox browser. There are several improvements that I'm already a fan of and didn't even know I 'needed' them.

I like having the tabs contain the X for closing it. That X for the current tab is easier for me to see than the orange bar at the top of the tab in 1.5.

I like scrolling from side to side for more tabs. I hated that the tabs just got smaller and I couldn't read which tabs they were. It wasn't unusual for me to have 30 tabs open at the same time and unless there were fav.ico's to give me some clue I had to just keep clicking from tab to tab to find the one I needed at the time.

I like being able to move the tabs around. It'll be easier to research and blog when I can put the items I'm referring to all in one section.

I was a bit panicked at the beginning when after the installation I was told that Session Saver wouldn't work. That add-on has been a life safer more than once for me and the thought of not having it was pretty stressful. Thankfully it's been included in 2.0 and Guru's Blog told me how to enable it.

I REALLY like having spell check available in my browser.

The only thing that Firefox doesn't seem to do yet that IE does is let me e-mail a page to myself. But perhaps I just haven't found that extension yet.

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