Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another homeschooler on a BOE

Sound the alarm, another 'homeschooler' got around the filtering system and has been appointed to a school board! Interestingly, he was appointed by the board itself. From the Star Tribune:

As a local businessman, volunteer firefighter and dad of two, Lee Jensen seemed like an easy choice for this small Polk County [Wisconsin] town's school board. But he's also a dad who has home-schooled his kids for a decade.

Jensen's recent appointment to the board that oversees Frederic's public schools has upset many of the town's residents, who packed a Sept. 18 meeting to ask Jensen why he took the job, and ask school board members why they appointed him.

"I don't think that he has the best interests of the students in our school district in mind," said Colleen Geisen, who intends to run for a seat on the board. "I think he's maybe on the board for other reasons. I think he's concerned about morals and values in the public school system."

She thinks she's going to win this race by being against morals and values in public schools?
Chairman Kay Friberg said Jensen's appointment makes sense. He said that residents had complained about high turnover on the board, and that Jensen brings long-term stability. Friberg also said a diverse board makes better decisions.
Obviously, people named Kay are clear thinking leaders concerned about getting the job done.

The upset in Frederic is all the more unusual because another home-schooling parent served on the board a few years ago.


The district is also wrestling with a declining enrollment, now about 575 in all grades.

One cause of concern about the schools: loss of revenue from the children whose parents have chosen to educate them at home. Each of those children would be worth an estimated $5,800 in state aid if they were enrolled in public schools.

I told the MNPS board and I've been telling you all--we've got to listen to those who have left in order to know how to improve the system.

And from one misguided parent:

"I don't want him to be making decisions on my kids when he's not sending his kids there," she said.

I've heard that several times. Well, then I suppose no taxpayer without children in the system, no voter without children in the system, no councilman, mayor, governor or president without children in the system should have any say in it. Unfortunately, that'd remove the 'public' from the system and you'd have to pay for it all yourself just like eveery other private school family.


K. Friberg said...

I must agree that it is in the name. Like a boy named Sue, thanks. Glad that you saw thru the whole deal. This really was not an issue of home schooling, but a group of people that did not get their person seated on the board when 2 of 5 members quit. Must add that Lee and Scott are doing a great job by bring new, out of the box ideas to what may be the best school anywhere. Many thanks from Packer County, K. Friberg

Mrs. Lee Jensen said...

As Mrs. Lee Jensen, I'd like to say that my husband is indeed a great man for the job. Not just because he's my better half, but because his motives are to better the community and help the children in our district receive the best education possible. For our family in particular, that means home schooling. However, since not everyone will educate at home, and since we do contribute to the taxes which fund the district, he feels obligated to faithfully serve our community. A good friend of ours always said, "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem". We have no intentions of being part of the problem - but rather we purpose to be an example to our children to be proactive for the good of our fellowman/woman/child. Oh, and by the way...since I personally know Mr. Kay Friberg, I can vouch for Ms. Kay Brooks comment that "Obviously, people named Kay are clear thinking leaders concerned about getting the job done." Mr. Friberg is truly one who is there to get the job done - Carry on, Kay!

Proud to be,
Mrs. Lee (Wendy) Jensen