Friday, October 13, 2006

Sour apples

I liked the headline on this Nashville Eye column in today's Tennessean: Teachers must reach past union and take this apple. It seems a very accurate and reasonable suggestion. Bo Roberts, identified as a Nashville marketing consultant, writes:

There have been abuses during the unions' storied history, and I would undoubtedly place this action [voting against the incentive pay a week ago] squarely in that category.
C'mon teachers, show us where there are true devils in these details. You may quibble about small points, but what you have really done is throw the "philanthropic baby" out wit the incentive-laden bathwater."
And regarding MNEA negotiator Eric Huth's cold comments to Marsha Warden, BOE Chair, Mr. Roberts wrote:
"I believe the ice may be thinnest of all for his position. It's far better to do what is best for the kids than it is to stand on procedural stuff squabbling over a power issue."
Of course, the Tennessean must attempt to be 'fair and balanced' and so the three star Letter to the Editor was from what has to be a union spokesman who repeats the same 'trust' talking points that seem to be getting in the way of caring for the children:
Dr. Garcia undermined that trust by going to Alex Green and Inglewood back in the spring and making promises to those faculties that had not been negotiated.
The MNEA carried out this vote according to long-established voting procedures. Metro's teachers have spoken.
No, dear, Metro's teachers have not spoken. An undisclosed number of the 60% of Metro's teachers who belong to the union spoke. And the staff members who would also have benefited got no vote at all.

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Anonymous said...

Sure, 40% of Metro teachers are not in the union. However, they had the choice to join if they desired. They chose not to join. They are not being denied a vote; they chose not to take advantage of that right.