Saturday, October 14, 2006

Progressive church and state

An interesting phrase from the Nashville Scene's Best of Edition. Under "Best Political Rescue Operation of the Year: The August School Board Elections" penned by Lisa Robbins comes this:

"This August, the electorate rode to the schools’ rescue, with a little help from a Texas church (good luck, Rev. Lisa Hunt)"
Just what sort of help did that Texas church provide in influencing the election in Lisa Hunt's old school board district? Or is that sentence merely worded badly?

[You're forewarned: content at the Nashville Scene is frequently of an "adult" nature. ]

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Anonymous said...

I think it means they got her off the school board by giving her the job. Remember, Hunt was the one who made the motion not to renew, and she wouldn't have been up for reelection. The electorate did the other sweep. It is a poor sentence.