Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Incentive: Who is Blair Wilson?

Apparently, a fellow with money who knows people with money.

Googling reveals very little:
PENCIL donor
NAPE donor
Donor to new school board member David Fox to the tune of $500.00 at that point.

Thankfully, the City Paper reveals a bit more in this morning's article about the return to negotiating this incentive plan.

“In the absence of getting feedback from the representative assembly, the only specifics that we would want to change is that we would want to revert to the bonus amount that the board agreed to but then Mr. (Blair) Wilson refused to accept,” [MNEA negotiator Eric] Huth said.

Wilson, one of the four private donors from the Anne Potter Wilson Foundation, said the current plan was organized on purpose to reflect the potential to go district wide and secure private funding.

“We envision this plan as a first step, not as an end in itself,” Wilson said. “If the pilot is successful, hopefully we could do a plan that would encompass all 70 of the Metro elementary schools funded with private dollars.”

“I just don’t think it’s a program that we should try to institute in one or two schools if we don’t think we can replicate it,” Wilson said. “That’s the way we came about these numbers to get something that we thought could be replicated and privately funded.”
Mr. Wilson isn't the bad guy in this picture--no matter how Huth spins it.

Unfortunately, the teacher's union has a track record of making sure that everyone gets a slice of bread even if they didn't plant the wheat, grind the wheat, or knead the dough. And until that changes--we won't see any real changes in our schools either.

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