Monday, October 09, 2006

Disenfranchised MNEA voters?

More on the union vote to turn down incentive pay. It's beginning to look like MNEA may have some questions to answer about how the vote was conducted.

From WSMV:

To [Alex Green Elementary Principal Sheila] Woodruff’s knowledge, no teacher at her school voted against the proposal. In fact, one teacher claimed many there didn’t even know about the vote.

From WKRN:

Teacher Nancy Hollingsworth said, “I think some were a little aggravated because of the lack of communication between the teachers at our school and MNEA (Metro Nashville Education Association). We felt like we were let down." Teachers at Alex Green did not get to vote.

Well, it would certainly help quash the effort if the votes of teachers who wanted to participate weren't included.
MNEA believes a majority of the teachers who voted were skeptical of the diversified pay plan, and didn't think the bonuses were large enough. MNEA President Jayme Merritt said, "It topped out at $6,000 for teachers and for principal at $10,000, now who's really doing the work?" Teachers at Alex Green didn't mind the difference. WKRN

Such typical union talk pitting management against line employees. Shouldn't what the teachers and principals think be the determining factor? If the teachers and the principal are fine with the plan who are we to say no?

It's time to demand accountability in this vote.

The Nashville Alliance calls the "no" vote a roadblock that is not insurmountable. Kay Simmons of the Nashville Alliance said, "The donor is still interested and supportive of public education and wants us to still look for ways that we can reward hard work and student achievement in Metro schools." It plans to find another way to reward the teachers at the two pilot schools Alex Green and Inglewood Elementary. WKRN
Yes, certainly, we've got to find a way around the union in our efforts to reward excellence. For the sake of the children and for the sake of the quality teachers we've got who earn better pay and deserve better union representation.

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