Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Now they're cooking with gas

Yes, yes, yes. Finally, some plans that make much more sense for the east side of Riverfront park.

Today's Tennessean reports that 'less splashy' plans (get it--river, water, splash) are now being seriously considered. I'm very glad to read this. $40 million is still a lot of money but it's better than $1.8 BILLION. At least we're headed in the right direction.

The proposals include replacing the asphalt parking lots around LP Field with a grass turf strong enough for cars to park on during football games and other events at the stadium. Trees could be planted between the rows of parking spaces, creating an urban grove that could be used for events when the parking lots are not in use. (snip)

Other ideas include building an amphitheater at the eastern edge of Public Square Park and connecting it to Riverfront Park with a floating walkway. Across the river, parkland could be expanded with an observation deck, a water park for children and an esplanade.
But Councilman Mike Jameson, whose district includes downtown and east Nashville, said he fears the proposals could distract from the larger effort to remake Nashville's waterfront.
CM Jameson should be the first one shouting that our city's finite resources should be focused on remaking the poor performing schools in his district and the crime rate instead.

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