Friday, October 20, 2006

Safety stats

The assault on the school bus a week ago is still being investigated.

The district does have a District Standard Operating Procedure (DSOP) concerning school bus discipline, which states that school bus drivers are to “report infractions to the principal on the School Bus Incident Report.”

These reports are then kept at the individual school and the school district does not keep a record. City Paper
Here's a suggested policy--all reports are forwarded to the district, records will be kept and the police will be called. We can't ask these drivers to turn their backs on these students and not cover their backs for them.

Probably the best line in the August campaign came from Charles Townsend, a bus driver, running to represent the 5th District. He makes it clear to the children on his bus that 'you ride my way or walk yours'. Perhaps we should promote Mr. Townsend and see if he can make that clear to all the riders on our busses.

We're still not being given good numbers on the safety of our schools and busses. This has got to change. See CompStatting Schools and In loco parentis loco.

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