Saturday, October 21, 2006

Do I trust Bill or not?

I usually use Firefox for Internet browsing. However, there are a couple of sites that won't play with Firefox (Microsoft Office templates for one) so I'm forced to use Internet Explorer on occasion. Microsoft IE7 is now out. It seems really odd to be getting this warning while downloading IE7 from the Microsoft site:

"...this file type can potentially harm your computer. If you do not trust this source, do not run or save this software."

So the question is--do I trust Microsoft or not? And considering their new Genuine Advantage program, I'd say we trust each other about the same.

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Anonymous said...

Trust? No, but if you want to use the software, you've got to download and run the software. I'd go to control panel then system restore, then "create a restore point." Do that, then download and activate the software. If it gives you any problems, restore your computer to the point you created above.