Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two a day is OK with Murray

CM Pam Murray (District 5-East Nashville) filed her election financial reports late according to a blog opposing her effort to stay in office. I'm not surprised.

Thankfully, the blogger thought to cross check the donors with the police reports. This is the kind of reporting that our regular media outlets should have done. Wonder why subscriptions are down?

Further into the blog post is more evidence that Murray is happy to take money from landowners that are a detriment to the health and safety of the people she's supposed to represent. Her three biggest donors had over 4,000 calls for police service since 2003 when Murray became a councilman. That's about 2 a day from just three businesses on desperate Dickerson Road alone. That's a huge drain on police and city resources. She's not cleaning up and improving the neighborhood she's ignoring obvious safety issues.

How does she justify not initiating an effort to shut those businesses down completely as nuisances for the good of the neighborhood and taxpayers generally? How does she justify taking campaign contributions from them?

Tomorrow is election day in District 5. Nashville needs a better quality of representation for that district. District 5 needs a better quality of representation. Hopefully, they'll get it very soon.

UPDATE: Here's the link to Murray's Financial Disclosure Statement just filed.

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