Monday, November 16, 2009

Missed the boat vote

The Davidson County Election Commission unanimously voted to certify the [District 5] election at a meeting this afternoon. [Former Councilwoman Pam] Murray came late to the meeting and missed the vote.
She was given an opportunity to speak later on in the meeting, at which time she said certifying the election results was an “act of injustice.” Tennessean
Give it a break Ms. Murray. One of the most important appointments of your life and you were, again, AWOL when your constituents needed you most. Despite that, the Commission still allowed you to speak and your very last act as a Councilwoman was to whine and throw this accusation at them:
“In closing, to agree with this act of injustice is like sending an innocent person to the death chamber; and (it is with) this reason I cannot consent to this election,” Murray said in a letter to the commission.
Like we need your consent. In your newly provided free time you might want to check on the phrase 'consent of the governed'.

And seriously? The Commission's bureaucratic act of affirming that the numbers were right and you lost by 2 votes was akin to killing an innocent man? Do you know the definition of hyperbole? Would you have been late to the execution also?

Time to move on, Ms. Murray. Like it or not, the voters have chosen. It's now your turn to choose. Choose to be a statesman who is still committed to improving her neighborhood--even if she's merely a private citizen.


Wendy said...

Did Murray miss the boat again? Wasn't yesterday the deadline to protest the vote(s)?

Kay Brooks said...

Not sure it's a miss if you never intended to get on board. Yes, Monday at 4:30 was the deadline for filing a formal protest.

She's gone. It's done. I'm happy to move on. I hope she is also.