Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tweeting rezoning hearing

The Metro Nashville Public Schools rezoning hearing this morning is being tweeted by Nashville Jefferson.

Check his twitter page: http://twitter.com/NashvilleJeff

  1. Plaintiff witness Mrs. Spurlock testifying about allegedly falsified school choice form choosing John Early for her daughter
  2. Defense: No discriminatory intent; choice abrogates any discriminatory impact.
  3. Plaintiffs: Rezoning goals stated by the Board are "subterfuge, pretext, a facade"
  4. Filling up now -- and it looks like Mark North will be repping the School Board today


din819go said...

what is his blog address? thanks!

Buckley said...

Click on the above hyperlink "Nashville Jefferson"

din819go said...

Thanks -- I thought I did this...guess not..

din819go said...

The state report card is out -- Hill Middle which came off the failing school list this past school year had all Ds in achievement. It is still a very weak school and nothing has changed since the school opened 10 years ago. Bellevue Middle had all Bs on achievement. John Early had three Fs and one D. This is not choice when the options are two extremely weak schools vs one somewhat stronger one.

On value add Hill Middle had an A, B and two Cs. Bellevue Middle had B, two Cs and a D. John Early had 3 Ds and a F.

If these three schools were your child's only option which one would you chose?

Kay Brooks said...

You're talking to a homeschooler here. I think we can all agree that parental support is huge and I'd rather have a supportive parent at Bellevue than a disgruntled one at John Early.

Doesn't John Early have the old Litton MS principal this year? Tonya Dennis (formerly Hutchinson). That adds a kink to the question.

din819go said...

Kay -- yes, the lovely principal who stretched the benefits of uniforms but we won't go their is now at John Early...