Monday, November 30, 2009

Bubbas named Mark

So now we've GOT to push through the Music City Center so that the new Nashville Medical Trade Center can be built. Still, we don't have solid numbers and contract for either AND MDHA is failing to do a good job of overseeing what little of this big project they've been in charge of so far.

I feel like I'm standing on a sidewalk in front of a card table while a fellow of obviously questionable character quickly shuffles three cups over and over while telling me it's an easy bet. I'd be a fool not to play. Look, Shill next to me just guessed correctly. Just find the pea and I'll double my bet. All the while the pickpocket already has his hand on my wallet.

These folks apparently believe we're the tourists that have never seen this shell game and are stupid enough to fall for it. They consider us all bubbas named Mark.

Once more, with feeling: If it's such a great deal...use YOUR own money. And to quote from the old joke---'Get your own dirt'. Don't ask Nashville to take it for you.

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