Monday, November 02, 2009

Some heritage more valuable than others

Spot on editorial about the fairgrounds in the City Paper this morning. Larry Woody nailed it.

'There is a theory we have no trouble embracing that some of Nashville’s “progressive” movers and shakers are eager to shed the city’s perceived Hee-Haw image — namely, country music, stock car racing and country-bumpkin fairs and flea markets.

“First they moved the Grand Ole Opry out of town, and now they’re running stock car racing out,” Denson said. “They’re doing away with the history and tradition that made our city so unique and special. It’s sad to see.”'
Again, Nashville focuses on proving to the world we're not hicks. It's a serious mistake to turn our back on our heritage. And whatever happened to "dance with the one that brung ya?" The fact is ordinary people live here, pay taxes, attend humble events at the fairgrounds and yet get the back of the hand from their own government--well it's palm side up come tax time though.
'Dean said he realized the decision to close shop was difficult, but “given the inability of either [track or fair] to support itself financially, it is simply time for us, as a city, to move on.”'
So is this the bar for deciding what comes and goes in this city? Or does that bar get raised and lowered depending upon how favored by our betters the project is?
“I once heard somebody say that the city doesn’t need a ‘playground for race drivers.’ Well, the city sure has a lot of ‘playgrounds for golfers.’ What the difference?”
Or tourists at a convention center.

Do they think that forcing the closing of the fairgrounds will feed the Nashville and Music Center Convention Centers business? I doubt it. The fact is those venues are too expensive, too inconvenient and not suitable for many of the events now held at the fairgrounds. I can think of one annual convention that will probably move out of the city if this happens. I don't think it'll be the only one.
"Metro officials seem anxious to close the fairgrounds, yet what they intend to do with the property remains unclear. Proposals have ranged from building low-income housing to creating another business park."
Because that whole Metro Center project worked out so well? I believe someone already has big plans for the fairgrounds and Mayor Dean knows exactly who it is. We the people just aren't privy to it yet.

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