Thursday, January 24, 2008

TransUnion says no

I've just gotten off the phone with TransUnion. After writing them a very specific letter with 5 pages of documentation with the information they require I got back a 9 page form letter telling me what my rights are and how to put a freeze on our accounts. I called them back and it turns out that they blew off my letter because the police report doesn't specifically say I'm the victim of fraud and they won't put a freeze on my credit report without my paying their $7.50 fee. What? They expect 337,000 people to get personalized crime reports from their local precincts? I actually have to have been harmed before they'll do this? The best "Jenna" could offer was to have a supervisor call me back. Right. To her credit she didn't lose her temper when I lost mine.

Heads up folks. Oh, and if you decide to call TransUnion use the Dispute number (1-800-680-7289) where actual people answer the phone instead of the Fraud number where you're stuck in a never ending automatic circle.

Equifax didn't have a problem with any of our documentation at all and I got letters from them yesterday saying our accounts were frozen and they provided PIN numbers for when we want to make any changes. Simple one page confirmation letter. No request for any payment or additional information.

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