Thursday, January 03, 2008

No music and dance for them

I've been web surfing a long time and I'm still occasionally surprised at where I end up. Today I followed a link from Bill Hobbs post and ended up reading two letters hosted on the Islamic Center of Nashville site. These form letters from the Islamic Center request exemptions for Islamic children from participating in music and dance classes.

To start, I would have thought these requests would come from parents instead of the Center.

The objection to dance is that co-ed dancing isn't allowed. Nothing is said about single gender classes. Regarding music, according to the letter 'In the Islamic faith, music is strongly discouraged and in many cases prohibited." Wow, that is remarkable, considering they're living in Music City USA.

There is also a letter addressing school attire (including PE dress) and prayer accommodation in schools. They're all dated April of 2007.

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