Thursday, January 03, 2008

SSN breach live on Metro 3 today

Starting at 5:30 p.m. today the Council's Public Safety Committee, headed by CM Michael Craddock, will meet to discuss how on earth our SSN's weren't secured and what's being done to make sure this incident isn't repeated.

Frankly, heads should roll. I don't care if they're republican or democrat. In this day and time it's a no brainer that ID theft is the fastest growing crime around and that SSN's are the 'key to the city'. It's just unconscionable that this information was left out, unattended, in a first floor office with nothing but safety glass between them and what will now be a lifetime of concern about our identities. Maybe, it won't happen this week, maybe not next month....but who knows how many copies of this information are out there being passed around. The smart thief will quietly wait for the brouhaha to die down. When we've gotten tired of renewing fraud alerts every 90 days, when we've forgotten to check those credit reports in a couple of years and move on with our lives this will raise it's ugly head and catch us unawares.

I don't want to burden taxpayers with paying for fraud monitoring for 337,000 people for life. But I'll have no sympathy for any employee who failed to follow procedure or for any administrator who didn't realize that we're in a new day and age and this information should have had the highest protection available. It was too expensive you say? We don't even know what this theft is going to cost good citizens who did the right thing by registering to vote.

It's going to be broadcast live via Metro 3. You can view it online at this link.

At 4:30 they'll be talking about school safety, another very big issue. Government's first job is to protect it's citizens. We cannot compel children to attend school and not ensure their safety. I've never trusted the incident information MNPS provides. It's not specific enough regarding what happened or where it happened. I'd like to see a comparison of MNPS and MPD statistics. I'll bet it'd be quite eye opening.

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