Monday, January 21, 2008

Here's an idea

Speaking of 21st Century schooling:

For the children of Grapevine, Ark., a rural town 60 miles outside Little Rock, the long, bumpy commute to school on bus No. 46 is anything but ordinary. That's because they are solving math and science problems with teachers and university professors live via the Internet. It's what Vanderbilt University medicine, biochemistry, and pathology Prof. Billy Hudson describes as a virtual schoolhouse on wheels.


More souped-up school buses with high-speed Internet access may be on the way. The Hudsons are applying for two federal grants to expand the program to Tennessee and add other amenities to the buses such as individual lighting, power outlets, and projection screens.
US News
Here's a great idea. Redeem the bus ride time AND keep them occupied so they don't get into mischief in the meantime.

Corporations are embracing online conferencing. We need to tap into that for schools that don't have enough students for an AP class for example, or tutoring. A student who was expelled for a zero tolerance infraction could still participate in classes. It could make snow days a thing of the past.

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