Monday, October 17, 2005

We're #41

From the folks that gave us the most liveable states and most dangerous cities comes "The Smartest State Award" and it ain't Tennessee. We're number 41.

Oddly, all the 'smart' states are up in the northeast. what's up with that?

Rounding out the top five states with Vermont were Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Maine. Bringing up the lower end of the rankings scale were Arizona in last place, Mississippi in 49th, New Mexico in 48th, Nevada in 47th and California in 46th.
This may be part of the problem with the list: the amount of money spent per student is factored in. The cost of living is less in the south so there's no way we could win unless we just threw money away. They also factor in the percentage of students actually in public schools. Since we've got a strong private school tradition around here we lose again.

Somehow, I think spending less and having education options might make us smarter, not dumber.

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