Wednesday, October 19, 2005

On the road SB meetings

The Nashville Metro School Board will be taking their meetings 'on the road' according to the Nashville City Paper. What seemed really odd to me was that despite news reports that many of Inglewood's schools are under capacity there is no report of a meeting taking place in an area that could be very impacted by school closings.

One scenario is closing Isaac Litton and absorbing it into Dalewood and Bailey, which are also under capacity.

If Litton closes, the district could save about $1.5 million, and there are other schools in the same situation. Shwab elementary is at 66 percent capacity, Dan Mills Elementary is at 67 percent, Inglewood Elementary at 68 percent, and Rosebank Elementary, is only 53 percent full. From NewChannel 5

This is going to be a huge hornet's nest. I would not want to be School Board Member Lisa Hunt and have to face the neighborhood explaining why, AGAIN, Litton is being closed. The closing of Litton High School and sending students to Stratford is still a sore point in the neighborhood and a reason why our neighborhood schools are under capacity.

I believe that there are benefits to smaller neighborhood schools that need to be carefully considered. Bigger schools further away from parents is not a better solution.

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Anonymous said...

You don't think these are really campaign rallies to build a coalition of special interests?

PS-Are you sure the verifications aren't from the new Metro reading program? I'm wearing my "old man" glasses and it stil took me 2 tries to get the last one!