Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Retirees more and less

GM retirees get less and retired teachers get more--

We're learning about the givebacks that are being required from GM employees and being demanded by other auto makers and yet retired teachers aren't suffering the same fate accourding to this Shelbyville Times article.

One item the retired teachers are interested in is Senate Bill 381, which deals with pension and retirement benefits and an increase in the state paid portions for active and retired educators.
Another bill that has already gone through the Education Committee would allow children of retired teachers up to age 24 to receive a 25 percent high education tuition discount in Tennessee collages. Currently, the children of active teachers already receive the discount, but retired educators' kids do not. [Perhaps HB0973]
A bill that provides an additional 5 percent for the pension funds for retired teachers was discussed. [Perhaps HB0338]
Of course, there are plenty of other bills providing benefits to current and retired teachers and staffers and their children in the legislative pipeline. HB0052, HB0117, HB0250, HB0669 (my personal favorite), HB0748, HB1535, HB1608. Those are just about tuition. There are more.

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