Monday, October 31, 2005

Pop quiz

Nashville's police department pulled a pop quiz on local high school football attendees. The quiz had just one question and 4 young men failed.

Officers working Friday night’s football game at Whites Creek High School arrested a total of four persons for carrying guns after school administrators made the unannounced decision to use handheld metal detectors to screen persons coming through the gate. None of the four is a Whites Creek student.
“It is illegal to carry guns on school property at all times, and that certainly includes sporting events,” Chief Ronal Serpas said, noting that even persons with handgun carry permits cannot carry guns on school property. “School administrators have done exactly the right thing in arranging for this type of unannounced weapons screening.”

From MNPD Press release dated 10/31/05
Thanks guys.


Anonymous said...

Did any of the four have concealed carry permits? Because if they did, they presumably know that there are places where, even with a permit, the law doesn't allow handguns.

Kay Brooks said...

The press release didn't mention permits. I seriously doubt it.

"Pointer, ... saw that screening was taking place, and abruptly left. Officers watched Pointer put something in his van before he returned to the line. ... A check of the van resulted in the discovery of a loaded .22-caliber revolver.

Braddy, ... took off running after a handheld metal detector began sounding as he was being checked. Officers chasing Braddy saw him throw an object under a car, which turned out to be a loaded nine-millimeter semi-automatic pistol.

Holland caught the officers’ attention after he saw the metal detectors and left the entry line. Holland was stopped and consented to be searched. In the process, an unloaded semi-automatic handgun was found.

Wesley was then asked whether he was armed. He acknowledged that he was carrying a loaded nine-millimeter semi-automatic pistol. "