Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Another historic loss?

This article about preserving the old Murphy school reminds me that we still have the gymnasium portion of Litton High that needs to be preserved and utilized. And in the wake of losing Evergreen our neighborhood shouldn't suffer another serious blow to our heritage. If you have a heart for the task contact the Litton Alumni Association and ask how you can help. They've got very specific plans to refurbish the building and make it a viable community center to augment the work they already do with children via sports on the rest of the property.

The image above is a Phil Ponder rendering of the school in its heyday. The gym is the very right portion and that's all that is left. You can purchase a print from the Litton Alumni Association.

Oh, and the terrible condition of the Litton Gym is all on Metro this time.


Anonymous said...

I sympathize with you in the condition of Litton's gym. I hope your reference to Evergreen doesn't signify your joining the OPM crowd. Let's preserve the gym through the Alumni association , Ponder's prints, and if justified on taxpayer money in proportion to its overall value to the taxpayers. Taxpayer funding shpuld depend on broad community benefits. Those serving a narrow special interest should be funded by those interests.

Kay Brooks said...

Don't worry, George. I haven't gone over to the dark side. I'm all for the Alumni Association and the neighborhood association shepherding and handling this project. I'd rather they own this than it continue to be in the hands of Metro.