Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Teacher v. Education Union

A Chattanooga area teacher has sued his union because he doesn't like how his dues were being spent. This sort of action is taking place over and over across the country.

A state appeals court has reversed a judge's ruling that a Polk County lawsuit challenging union political spending rules shouldn't be heard.


[Teacher Dewey] Esquinance's April 2003 suit challenges union rules that require him to relinquish his membership if he wants to withhold dues the unions spend on certain political issues.
The suit contends union rules force the teacher to choose between forfeiting a voice in his workplace and having his money spent to promote "abortion and homosexual rights." From WVLT

This isn't about being for or against an issue, in particular, it's about how membership dues are spent and not forcing folks to choose between their consciences or providing for their families.

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