Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Keep Nashville Growing

Another group is getting into the Metro Nashville sales tax increase 'for the children' fight. Keep Nashville Growing has set up a website and introduce themselves with:

Founded by Nathan Moore, a local activist and attorney in Nashville, Keep Nashville Growing! is a grassroots organization created to keep taxes low in Metropolitan Nashville / Davidson County.

and further explain:

Keep Nashville Growing! is not an effort to avoid taxation - it is an effort to ensure a fair level of taxation that will not hinder our city's growth, and will not make a future Nashville unlivable for us and our children. From their Accountability page.

and here is their education page which starts with this:

Proponents of the sales tax increase guarantee that 80% of the tax increase will go toward education. What they do not tell you is that under the charter of Nashville's metropolitan government, this is simply not true!
Check 'em out. I always encourage voters to be well-informed. Also make sure you're registered in time and know where and when to vote. Keep Nashville Growing also provides a link to that information here.

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Anonymous said...

Kay -- many have voiced concern with the flyer that states 80% of the proposed sales tax increase will go to the schools. By law, if I understand it correctly, no less than 50% of the tax moeny received will go to the schools. The council can decide if they want more than 50% to go to the schools or to other programs. According to recent newspaper articles it does not appear the council is likely to send more than 50% of the funds received to the schools.

When the sales tax idea was introduced by the mayor he said 80% of the moneys would go to the schools and the other 20% would be used for the senior "rebate".

Just an FYI --