Saturday, January 10, 2009

She's still the real deal

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's interview with Big Hollywood's John Ziegler in preparation for his forthcoming film, “Media Malpractice… How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Smeared" was worth the 10 minutes it took to view. The article Ziegler's embeds the above video in was even more enlightening. Palin's local enemies are still so intent on taking her down out of fear of her rising popularity in the lower 48 (let alone her reelection) that the interview was conducted in her home to avoid a trumped up ethics charge by commingling state business and campaign business in her office. The local paper is still feeding the 'Trig isn't her baby' nonsense. Palin, demonstrating team playing, continued the Couric interview at the McCain campaigns request despite her feeling it should stop.

I'm looking forward to viewing the entire documentary.

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N.S. Allen said...

I'm still sort of baffled by the constant conflation of the blog rumors that swarmed up around Palin and the actual media reporting that took place about it. I never saw a report anywhere near the mainstream media that didn't make a point of differentiating its stories from the blog rumors out there.

It's perfectly reasonable for Palin and her supporters to be annoyed about the fact that false stories about her gained currency on the internet and in tabloids, just as Obama supporters were justifiably upset by all the smears and lies surrounding his candidacy. But there's a difference between things that show up on blogs and possibly prompt inquiries from the MSM and things that the MSM actually reports to the public mind.

I keep seeing Palin supporters conflate the two, as she herself does, in the posted video. That's just distorting the facts.

(On a Ziegler note, the Atlantic's story on him a while back is a particularly good read, if none too reverent of the man.)