Friday, January 23, 2009

2009-01-23 Legislaton filed through HB175


*HB 0163 by Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin)

Tobacco, Tobacco Products - As introduced, clarifies that age-restricted venue exception to no smoking law applies only to persons entering such facilities other than employees. - Amends TCA Title 39.

*HB 0164 by Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin)

Coroners - As introduced, increases fee for surgeon or physician summoned as a coroner's witness from an amount not to exceed $25.00 to an amount not to exceed $30.00. - Amends TCA Title 38.

Glad the state is paying bargain basement prices for something.

*HB 0165 by Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin)

Juveniles - As introduced, clarifies that court order for youth service officer, probation officer, or the state agency to notify the school principal in writing of the nature of the offense and probation requirements, if any, related to school attendance for juvenile in state custody occurs as soon as possible before the child resumes or begins school attendance, whichever occurs first. - Amends TCA Title 37.

Yes, and can we assume that the principal will pass that info on to the teachers of the student? And at what point does this student's right to privacy end in order to protect potential victims? I'm not suggesting a scarlet letter but we've got bullies and probies in our schools and children and their parents completely unaware that they should keep a closer watch.

*HB 0166 by Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin)

Child Custody and Support - As introduced, decreases period of time in which hearings in all child support cases that are not being enforced pursuant to the provisions of Title IV-D of the Social Security Act shall be heard from 45 days to 35 days of the service of process. - Amends TCA Title 36.

*HB 0167 by Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin)

Attorney General and Reporter - As introduced, removes authority of attorney general to designate a district attorney general to prosecute or defend any court action concerning the amount, administration, or disposition of a charitable gift or a discretionary charitable gift. - Amends TCA Title 35.

*HB 0168 by Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin)

Guardianship - As introduced, decreases compensation payable to guardians from not more than 7 percent to not more than 5 percent of the amount of moneys received during the period covered by the account. - Amends TCA Title 34.

*HB 0169 by Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin)

Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, Dept. of - As introduced, requires department to report to general assembly following each meeting on transportation service for persons with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and serious emotional disturbance. - Amends TCA Title 33.

*HB 0170 by Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin)

Wills - As introduced, increases amount of personal property that can be distributed by means of a nuncupative will from $1,000 to $10,000 and from $10,000 to $50,000 for persons in military service during time of war. - Amends TCA Title 32.

*HB 0171 by Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin)

Escheat - As introduced, clarifies that reports concerning property that may be subject to escheat must be filed with the treasurer within 60 days of obtaining knowledge that property may be subject to escheat. - Amends TCA Title 31.

*HB 0172 by Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin)

Estates - As introduced, increases from five days to 10 days period in which the clerk shall mail copies of exceptions to the clerk's decision to the personal representative and the personal representative's attorney of record. - Amends TCA Title 30.

*HB 0175 by Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin)

Appeal and Review - As introduced, clarifies that appeal from judgment of a municipal recorder or officer in a civil action may be made within 10 business days, rather than 10 days excluding Sundays, to the next term of the circuit court. - Amends TCA Title 27.


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