Wednesday, January 14, 2009

By hook or by crook

It's only just begun. The money paragraph is the second from last in this legislation. I've made it large, bold and in red. It's time for voters to make their voices heard and tell their Democrat representatives how they feel about what's going on in the Tennessee legislature. You can find your legislator at this link.

HR 0001 by Rep. Craig Fitzhugh (D-Ripley)

General Assembly - Creates the position of "Speaker Emeritus of the House of Representatives" and selects Jimmy Naifeh for the position. -

By Fitzhugh

A RESOLUTION to appoint James O. "Jimmy" Naifeh to be Speaker Emeritus of the House of Representatives of the 106th General Assembly.

Whereas, the Tennessee House of Representatives should recognize those members

who have served with great distinction and who have held numerous House offices and positions for extensive durations of time; and

Whereas, it is appropriate for the Tennessee House of Representatives to establish the
position of “Speaker Emeritus” with unique qualifications and requirements to evidence the magnitude of accomplishment, dignity, and character of any person qualified to hold such position; and

WHEREAS, the minimum qualifications for such office shall be a minimum service of 18
years as Speaker of the House of Representatives, a minimum service of 14 years in other leadership positions associated with the House, and receipt of the coveted William M. Bulger Excellence in State Legislative Leadership Award, the highest honor conferred annually by the National Conference of State Legislatures and The State Legislative Leader's Foundation to a state legislative leader who has worked to preserve and build public trust in the institution of the
state legislature and whose career embodies the highest principles of leadership, integrity, compassion, vision and courage; and

WHEREAS, Jimmy Naifeh served as Speaker of the House of Representatives from the
97th through the 105th General Assemblies, which was not only a record for the state of Tennessee, but on January 1, 2009, he was the longest serving Speaker of the House in the country; and

WHEREAS, Jimmy Naifeh also served as Majority Floor Leader in the 90th, 91st, 92nd, and 93rd General Assemblies and as Majority Leader in the 94th, 95th and 96th General Assemblies; and

WHEREAS, Speaker Naifeh received many honors during his legislative career,

including the coveted "William M. Bulger Excellence in State Legislative Leadership Award" from the National Conference of State Legislatures and The State Legislative Leader's Foundation in 2006; and

WHEREAS, Speaker Naifeh has been active in many community and charitable

organizations, including business organizations, veterans' groups, University of Tennessee alumni activities, and Rotary International, and has been a faithful and effective supporter of ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, having served on the Board of Governors and Directors of ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital from 1985 to 2005, and is currently serving on the Professional Advisory Board and is a Member Emeritus; and

WHEREAS, Jimmy Naifeh was first elected to represent the citizens of the 81st House
District in 1974, and has continued to serve as their representatives since such time, and although he has served in many different leadership positions, his priority has always been to represent his constituents in the most effective manner possible; and

WHEREAS, as a tribute to his service to the State of Tennessee, the University of

Tennessee Institute for Public Service has proposed to establish the "Jimmy Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership" to prepare elected and appointed officials for the challenges of serving the public; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting for this body to honor the service of Jimmy Naifeh to his district

and the state; now, therefore
the position of "Speaker Emeritus of the House of Representatives" is established as part of the
leadership of such body with the qualifications as enumerated above.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that James O. "Jimmy" Naifeh is hereby designated to be the “Speaker Emeritus of the House of Representatives” and as Speaker Emeritus he shall be entitled to all the benefits and privileges that such honorary title of Speaker Emeritus should carry; provided, however, that such powers shall not extend to any powers or duties granted the Speaker of the House under House Rules or the Constitution of Tennessee.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Speaker Emeritus may perform such functions
and duties as are assigned by the Speaker of the House.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a framed copy of this resolution be placed in the chamber
of the House of Representatives and that this clause be deleted from such copy.
(Hat tip: WSMV)


Jim Boyd said...

Hey Kay!

You are aware that an ad-hoc group got together and kicked up a controversy by declaring former Tennessee State Legislature Speaker Nasty Jimmy "Boss Hogg" Naifeh a new position on the hill: 'Speaker Emeritus'

This position has no foundation in law or in our state constitution. That didn't stop the suck-ups to the former speaker from posting an unofficial page to the official Tennessee Legislature Site.

Here's their official, unofficial page:

So any yahoo can spin up and fling out a high falutin' title if they want, eh? If that be the case, here's my submission for the former speaker:

A little more true to life, eh?

Which page do you think will garner official approval first? (I may yet tinker and refine my entry to better its chances.)

Jim Boyd

Jim Boyd said...

Oh... And I want to check the 'follow up comments' box.

Kay Brooks said...

I did Jim: "Is that a gavel or a scepter?" is my blog post about it.

Impressive spoof, Jim. Thanks for mentioning both Waltz and Rocky Top AND who he's married to.

ProEnglishUSA--Eddie V Garcia said...

I was sent the link to your page and am so glad!

Check out my FACEBOOK page where I am exposing the TN lawmakers who suppressed the English language this past legislative session.

Voters all across TN need to wake up and vote these people out of office.

Eddie Garcia