Monday, January 26, 2009

Life stimulates the economy

Perhaps it was because his head was still filled with the adulation of his ascension to the presidency that he thought his first acts as president would be accepted by this nation without question. In reality, where some of us still live, they could not have been more polarizing. Ostensibly, he made these decisions in order to improve our relations with the world. In fact they will not. He will have proven that we are a weak nation and that we do not value the lives of the innocent.

He decided that enemy combatants at Gitmo were being treated inhumanly. He made it clear that the lives of these adult men caught up in a messy war had so much value that he would make one of his first acts as president their protection. Remember, these are not US citizens, voters, taxpayers or even supporters of our way of life--quite the opposite. However, he has extended the hand of mercy to them and I am convinced they will be back to bite it.

Next up he decided that unborn children in other countries had no value and our tax dollars should go to pay for their murder. Does he seriously think that they will thank us for providing the funds to kill their next generation? The left excoriated President Bush for daring to stick the US nose into the business of Iraq and remove a mass murder. How can the US be honored as a nation when we become a party to mass murder?

Next up his compatriot running the US House, the mother of 5, Nancy Pelosi has decided that she'd like even more of our finite income to further enlarge the 'stimulus' package to include birth control because fewer children mean fewer government dependents. I cannot even imagine how she thinks that killing children is good economic sense...let alone good morality.

Fewer children means fewer hospital and pediatric visits. It means fewer clothes and good for those children and fewer baby showers. It means fewer new homes and fewer home additions and remodels. It means fewer birthday parties and children's parks. It means fewer library programs, circus and Disneyland tickets. It means fewer day care centers and babysitters. It means fewer teachers and fewer school buildings. We won't need so many car seats and mini-vans. We won't need as many textbooks, paper and pencils and fewer computers. Fewer Happy Meals, less toilet paper and fewer plumbers. We won't need as many entertainment venues, mp3's and rock concert tickets, Gap and Old Navy stores for those non-existent teens. Won't need as many used cars or insurance agents. We won't need as many colleges and technical schools. We won't need as many wedding planners and honeymoon vacation destinations. That's a LOT of jobs, goods and services that won't be needed.

Additionally, we won't have enough people caring for the elderly or paying into the Ponzi scheme called Social Security. For the sake of her own children, Peolsi should consider that.

I am astonished at their short-sightedness. To value the lives of men caught up in war over the lives of completely innocent children is beyond the pale. It defies understanding. It's painful to contemplate it is so ugly. I hope that the few real conservatives in the US Congress will do all they can to block these very foolish efforts. I hope America will wake up quickly and take back their government and their lives.

Mr. Obama needs to understand this: there are more reasons than he can count on why we are encouraged by Scripture to choose life. My Catholic brothers and sisters (and supposedly Pelosi's) make one of those points very clear: